Finders Keepers

What would you do if you came home one day to find
your house empty and your family gone?

That’s just what happens to Ossi. In need of a new forever home, the abandoned little cat chooses a neighbourhood family that she’d like to keep. But now that she’s found them, will they keep her?

Both poignant and humorous, Finders Keepers is a heartwarming story about loss, perseverance, and finding and keeping family. It is a story that both children and adults will enjoy over and over.

44-pages plus covers, full-colour, softcover, perfectbound, signed by the author.

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About Ossi

Is Ossi a real cat? Indeed she is. Ossi found the author, Ellen, and her family in October 2011, when she was about six months old.

Today, Ossi is a senior cat who doesn’t act her age. She loves to play, especially with strings, squeaky mice and sparkly balls. Sometimes she brings her toys to people so they can play, too! She likes to hang out with her family – curled up under bed covers and couch blankets, or sleeping on her pizza box in the office when Ellen is working at her desk.

True to her tabby nature, Ossi is a friendly, happy cat that always seems to be smiling. She greets all visitors that come to her house – except for dogs. (We think she might have had a bad experience with a dog when she lived outside.)

Like most cats, Ossi has her weaknesses: catnip, cat videos on Facebook or YouTube, and boxes of any kind (but especially pizza boxes). Santa brings her a new, clean pizza box every year for Christmas!

The pictures above show “Real Ossi” and “Book Ossi” when she was the “garage cat,” sitting in blankets in the wheelbarrow, patiently waiting for her new home. Isn’t it amazing how tidy the illustrator made the really (messy) garage look? It’s drawing magic!