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Since their publication, Ellen has read both Finders Keepers and Bad Kitten to more than 3,500 children at schools and libraries in Grey and Bruce Counties (in Ontario, Canada). She enjoys reading the stories with students, advocating for rescue and adoption, and sharing how the the books were produced. 

FAQs with Ellen

I would be delighted to visit your school or library in eastern or southwestern Ontario to visit with Bad Kitten and/or Finders Keepers. Both books are for children aged 4-10, but I am enthusiastic to share with older students my writing/publishing experiences, and my support for animal rescue.

Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions I am asked when an author visit is being planned.

How much does a visit cost?
My visits are free of charge, but I ask that you purchase a copy or two of our book(s) for your school or library so they’re available for everyone to enjoy. Each book is $20, which includes GST.
What is an ideal group size?
Smaller groups (between 1-3 classes or up to 60-ish students at at at time) are ideal. That way, everyone can see the boards to read along, and there is usually time to answer all questions.
What’s the ideal location to hold sessions?
Setting up once in the school’s library or gym is best, whenever possible. If that’s not possible, please allow a few minutes of “travel time” in the schedule for me to get from classroom to classroom.
How long is a reading session?
Each book takes approximately 7 minutes to read aloud. So with time for a quick introduction, and time for discussion afterward, 20-30 minutes works for one book, 30-40 minutes for both. For K-1 classes, 20 minutes for one book, and 30 for both is sufficient. That said, you know your students, and will know the number of books and timeframe that suit best – and we can work together to determine a schedule.
What happens during a reading session?
After a brief introduction, I read the book(s) from large reading boards so everyone can see the pages and read along if they wish. A Q&A follows, which can be about the stories, the cats, animal rescue, the writing/illustration/printing/publishing processes, etc. As a take-home, I provide a colouring sheet from the book(s).
Can students purchase the book(s) during a visit?
Yes. When permitted, I will bring books to sign and sell. For these opportunities, I supply a flyer that can be sent home in advance to let parents know that I will have copies of both books with me to sign and sell.
How can we prepare for a visit?
Ways to prepare can include:

  • purchase and display the book(s);
  • announce the visit in advance, and when permitted send a supplied flyer home;
  • encourage/allow students to visit the PCP website in advance; and
  • have your students write down questions they may want to ask – about the stories, animal rescue, the writing/illustration/printing/publishing processes, etc.

Have a question? Want to book a visit?

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