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Welcome to Purple Cat Press. We’re here to tell a good, thought-provoking and memorable story that will entertain, educate and empower readers of all ages. If you laugh a lot, tear up a little, learn something you didn’t know before – or just all-around enjoy what we offer – we’ve achieved our goal!

We are proud to present our first book, Finders Keepers. With 44 pages of full-colour illustrations and delightful prose, Finders Keepers is a poignant yet humorous story about loss, perseverance, and finding and keeping family. It is a heartwarming story that both children and adults will enjoy over and over.

Our second book, Bad Kitten, is slated for release in Summer 2018.

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Finders Keepers

What would you do if you came home one day to find your house empty and your family gone?

That’s just what happens to Ossi. In need of a new forever home, the abandoned little cat chooses a neighbourhood family that she’d like to keep. But now that she’s found them, will they keep her?

Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers is available at:
The Giddy Goblin Hanover, Ontario
Cathy’s Flowers ’N Treasures Port Elgin, Ontario
Rabbit Dash Coffee House Port Elgin, Ontario
Fincher’s Kincardine, Ontario
The Rocking Horse Owen Sound, Ontario
Minds Alive Collingwood, Ontario
Minds Alive Midland, Ontario

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About Ossi

Yes, the Ossi in Finders Keepers is a real cat. True to her tabby nature, Ossi is a friendly, happy cat that always seems to be smiling. She greets all visitors that come to her house – except for dogs. (We think she might have had a bad experience with a dog when she lived outside.)

Ossi loves to play, especially with strings, squeaky mice and sparkly balls. Sometimes she brings her toys to us – so we can play, too! She is a cuddle cat – her favourite spots are under bed clothes and couch blankets or curled up in the crook of Ellen’s elbow when Ellen is working at her desk.

Like most cats, Ossi has her weaknesses: catnip, cat videos on Facebook or YouTube, and boxes of any kind (but especially pizza boxes)!

About the Author

Ellen Rumsey grew up on a farm where, you guessed it, her favourite animals were the barn cats! She doesn’t live on a farm anymore, but she does have cats at her house. The real, live Ossi is one of them.

Ellen studied Graphic Design at OCAD University and furthered her studies at Queen’s University in English Language and Literature. She has been a practicing graphic designer and wordsmith for more than 30 years.

Ellen lives in Hanover, Ontario, with her family (and, of course, her cats). She has loved and collected children’s literature her whole life – and worked on several publications for children before deciding to write her own book.

Finders Keepers is Ellen’s first published book. To date, she’s read Ossi’s story to more than 3,000 children at schools and libraries in Grey and Bruce Counties, and has visited, by video conference, with students in Qingdao, China.

About the Illustrator

Debra Toutloff has loved drawing animals, especially cats, ever since she was a little girl. As a grown-up, not only does she still draw lots of cats, she is mum to several feline friends.

Debra studied Advertising and Graphic Design at Humber College and furthered her illustration studies at OCAD University. In the past, she worked as a storyboard/studio artist and drew editorial illustrations and cartoons. Today, she illustrates using pen and paper, tablet and computer, and canvas and paint. Whenever she’s working, there is a cat supervisor nearby – or sitting on her lap “helping”!

Like Ellen, Debra grew up loving books and has a cherished collection of children’s literature, too. She lives in Guelph, Ontario. Finders Keepers is Debra’s first children’s book.

About Purple Cat Press

Ellen and Debra have been good friends for most of their lives. Ellen has always been in awe of Debra’s immense talent as a illustrator, and Debra has always admired Ellen’s way with words. So it was natural that they would team up when Ellen founded Purple Cat Press with the intention of telling Ossi’s story.

Ellen says: “When we moved to Hanover, we found that there were a lot of stray cats in our neighbourhood. That’s not just a problem in our town – it’s universal, sadly. It bothered me that this lovely little cat, which we really liked but didn’t want to take into our house at first, had nowhere else to go. I wrote Finders Keepers in Ossi’s voice so that readers might gain insight into what it feels like to be homeless. Ossi is one of the lucky ones, but there are many other cats that need homes and families to love them.”

Our mandate is to entertain, educate and empower. We hope to entertain and foster a love of reading, to educate about pet ownership in a meaningful way and to empower our readers to act responsibly and humanely with their pets and animals less fortunate.

Why “Purple Cat Press”? It’s pretty simple. We love purple, cats and books (that are printed on presses)!

Giving Back

With the exception of Ossi, all of the cats in our lives are from shelters and rescue agencies. We know how hard these organizations work to save and find forever homes for many animals.

When you purchase a copy of Finders Keepers, a portion of the sale of your book will be donated to Angel Arms Rescue for Pets – our way to help and to say thank you to the organizations that have helped bring much joy to our lives!

We appreciate your interest in Purple Cat Press. If you’ve purchased a copy of Finders Keepers, we thank you and our cats (and maybe your cats, too) thank you for helping us support a rescue agency that does so much good work. Enjoy!

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